Cris Cyborg ‘Warning’ To Tito Ortiz Leaks In Video

Cris Cyborg warned Tito Ortiz about his Anderson Silva fight, saying weight cutting could go ‘bad’ for him, as seen below.



Let’s be real here, Cris Cyborg is afraid of nobody. No matter who you are, Cris just isn’t afraid to take a stand. Cris Cyborg recently took a huge stand as Cris now joins many others who are saying that UFC fighters deserve much more than what they are getting paid….Georges St-Pierre Drops UFC Drug Bombshell.

This really first started when Jake Paul took a stand and said that Dana White was underpaying fighters and that Dana reaps the benefits while the fighters must suffer at their own expense. This was thrown to the way-side until Dustin Poirier said that he got his first full check after defeating McGregor.

Now, we see Cris Cyborg in the mix as she believes that not only do other stars deserve higher pay, but Miesha Tate is the main focus of Cyborg’s worries. What sparked Cyborg to declare this was Ariel Helwani posting up about speaking with Miesha and others.

Ariel stated on Twitter: ” Week 2 in the books! Fun show! Thank you @BrendanMMA @Trailblaze2top @ajmckee101 @MieshaTate @criscyborg for joining us. And thanks to all of you!”

Cris Cyborg then stated: “@MieshaTate you deserve more than 200k a fight and I believe would get that as a free agent.” Could Cris and others really be onto something for more pay?

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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