Crowd Explodes At Trump & Kid Rock In Video

UFC fans exploded for Donald Trump and Kid Rock on Saturday night.

During a recent speech at the Florida Republican Party’s Freedom Summit in Kissimmee, FL, former President Donald Trump made an astounding assertion, claiming that “millions of people” would still be alive if the 2020 election had not been allegedly rigged. Trump presented this dramatic statement to the gathered crowd, emphasizing the significance of elections and asserting that numerous individuals would have been spared had the election not been tampered with.

He further supported his argument by suggesting that critical events such as the Ukraine conflict, the Israeli situation, and certain attacks might not have occurred if the election had been conducted fairly. Trump’s claims about the election being rigged have been repeatedly debunked, with no credible evidence supporting his assertions.

Additionally, the former president has persistently maintained that he possesses the ability to swiftly resolve complex international conflicts, including the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. During his recent address in Florida, he reiterated this belief, assuring the audience that he alone could restore peace through strength. Furthermore, he made a bold and rather contentious proclamation, asserting that he was the sole individual capable of preventing a potential World War 3, emphasizing the perceived proximity of such a catastrophic global event.

However, Trump’s statements have been met with skepticism and scrutiny, particularly in light of his unverified claims and lack of empirical evidence to substantiate his contentions. The former president’s continued insistence on the alleged rigging of the 2020 election and his self-proclaimed ability to resolve international crises in a single day have contributed to ongoing debate and controversy within the political sphere.

“And when you think of it, how important elections are, you’s have millions of people alive right now,” Trump said. “If the election wasn’t rigged, they’d be alive. Ukraine, Israel, The attack would have never been made. All these people would be alive.

I make you this promise as your president and nobody else can say it: I will restore peace through strength,” Trump said. “And yes, I am the only one that will prevent World War 3 — because we are very close to World War 3.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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