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Cruiserweight Division apparently no longer part of Raw

Cedric Alexandar Raw

Cruiserweight Division was introduced as an exclusive part of Raw but things started looking out of place when the company introduced an exclusive show for the Cruiserweight Stars in 205 Live.

Many believed that 205 Live couldn’t evolve while Cruiserweight Division was being used on The Flagship show and it appears that the company has finally decided to separate these two.

Cruiserweight talents have not been appearing on Raw in recent weeks and noticing it, a fan asked Dave Meltzer on Twitter if the lightweight stars will not be used on the Red Branded Show at all now.

Replying to the tweet, Meltzer said that the 205 Live Stars are still part of the Raw Live Events, but confirmed that they are no longer part of the televised show itself:

Whether or not this move benefits the show, in the long run, will be revealed in future but for now, we can say that this decision has put the event in its own league, essentially making it a 4rth brand for WWE.

  • CC

    I would say that it is a better idea to have them exclusive to 205 live, but if that is the only place to see them, then the show needs to be a little bit longer.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Good. I don’t know wtf they were thinking.

  • Will Henderson

    if WWE wants to treat it as a forth brand, then they should just move the show to a different day and move the tapings to where NXT tapes (most of the time Full Sail University), cause the NXT fans would embrace the Cruiserweights more then the actual the average normal Raw or SmackDown crowd.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I don’t think we’ve seen them on Raw for a couple of months now, at least, and it’s very clear that the quality of 205 Live has gone up significantly, so I’d say it’s been a successful move.