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Current Champion could possibly miss WrestleMania this year

WrestleMania 34 logo

We noted before how it’s likely that the Rock would miss WrestleMania this year due to his upcoming movie and it appears that another big star could miss the event.

It was revealed on Total Divas recently that Miz and Maryse’s child is due on April 6, just 2 days before the 34th edition of WrestleMania takes place.

What’s worth noting here that in a recent interview with ESPN, the Intercontinental Champion indicated that he’ll do whatever it takes to be with Maryse for the birth of their baby:

“It’s a WrestleMania baby. The only thing my wife asked me was that [she wanted me to be there]. I literally have a private jet on call at all times. I will spend whatever amount of money to get there, to be there and support her and witness my first child being born because I am ecstatic.”

While this does not directly confirm that the Miz will miss Wrestlemania this year, considering the possibility of the baby being late it’s possible that the Raw Star may request to be written off television for the time and may not appear on WrestleMania.

  • Arnold Jackson

    No he really isn’t. The Miz will carve out his legacy as having the most IC title runs in history.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    They should let The Miz defend the IC title at the Elimination Chamber to lose. Because it looks like Braun Strowman first title it going to be the IC and for me they can save The Miz being squash. An when the Miz return move him on to the WWE or Universal title which I see The Miz going to be very soon.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Who cares about Dwayne?? He’s not a wrestler anymore. Hasn’t been in over a decade. He doesn’t belong anywhere near the company. And Miz? Don’t get me started with him….

  • CC

    There was a common trend of the IC title not being defended at WM, so this is not a big issue.