Current Champion reveals why he signed with GFW despite having an offer from WWE

While for many stars the end goal is to get a job at WWE, there is also one who chose to sign with GFW despite having an offer from the Biggest Wrestling Company In The World.



Current GFW X Division Champion, Sonjay Dutt worked as a guest trainer in WWE performance centre last year and he was offered a contract by the company.

However, he chose to sign a full-time deal with GFW as a producer instead. During his recent interview with Wrestling Inc, Dutt was asked why chose to sign with GFW.

Answering the question, he explained that a lot of factors played a role into his decision, but his family was a big part of it:

 “A lot of factors played into that I’m 35, I’ve got a wife, I’ve got two kids and I’ve got a family that I have to put first before my decisions in life. That took a good chunk of the decision-making process, what is best for them. You know, uprooting my family and two young children, that was a huge part of it.”

It’s worth noting that Sonjay made his in ring return for GFW earlier this year too and he became the new X Division Champion during their recent tour of India.

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