Curt Hawkins Ends Beard Protest, Terri vs. New Jack Update, Austin Movie

– Ariel sent word that the action-packed family movie Knockout, starring Steve Austin as a former pro boxer, is now available on Netflix in the US.



– The Orlando Sentinel reports that ECW Original New Jack and former WWE Diva Terri Runnels were in court yesterday as Terri is suing Jack over sexually explicit photos. It was revealed yesterday that New Jack is planning to counter-sue Terri, alleging that she infected him with a STD. Neither Terri or Jack did any talking in court yesterday as the lawyers did all of the work. The judge extended the temporary ban on New Jack selling or releasing the photos. He claims he destroyed the photos and sold the phone that they were stored on.

– We noted a few weeks back that Curt Hawkins declared he wouldn’t shave his beard until he got some WWE TV time. Hawkins says he has trimmed the beard but is looking for a new form of protest. He wrote: “Beard trimmed. The whole creepy beard thing wasn’t working out for me as a single man in NYC. Open to suggestions on a new form of protest.”

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