Curt Hawkins wants to appear on Sesame Street

Curt Hawkins may not have the best record in the WWE. In fact, he has the worst, nearing 200 straight losses.



However, while he may not be on some hot winning streak, Hawkins believes he still has a positive message that he can give to the WWE Universe, specifically the kids.

On Twitter, Hawkins revealed that he would want to be a guest on Sesame Street, teaching kids that it’s okay to lose. Plus, he gets another chance to be a hero to his daughter, and who could deny a man that kind of wish?

It’s a message that would definitely be welcome on the iconic children’s show, and it’s easy to imagine the WWE Superstar walking up to a dejected muppet who had lost some kind of game, telling him to face the facts about defeat, teaching him that winning isn’t the most important thing in the world.

Is there another WWE superstar you feel could bring a unique message to the world of Sesame Street? Let us know below.

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