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Curtis Axel Vents His Frustration About His Spot In WWE

Curtis Axel vented his frustration on Twitter this morning about WWE not using him on television as of late. He wrote the following:

Axel was last seen on WWE television back on September 30th for Main Event.

  • Shawn Dillon O’grady

    First, Ted took time off, via video message. Second, his name has nothing to do with his success ( see Rocky Maivia for prime example of heritage based name). Third, he would have a much better chance, if WWE would commit to a run. So many times, a superstar never gets their feet off the ground, due to time constraints and 50/50 booking.

  • Chris E.

    If he does get released, he should go full on Mr Perfect with the exact same look, and style. Wrestling singlet, blond hair and mimic the style. He can pull it off.

  • Andrew Kloman

    I agree. Same thing happened to Ted Bibaise

  • The Queen’s Gambit

    Yes, he’s good. Maybe not good for business, but a good wrestler. The problem is… they gave him a freaking ugly name in NXT maybe cause he wanted to be his own man, like a lot of old wrestlers’ spawns. Then they presented him as the son of Mr. Perfect, but not as Michael Hennig or his real name Joe Hennig… but as the lame Curtis Axel… Wow, so original! And they made him IC champ so fast, without a real storyline and without great defenses. He could be a nice heel.

  • pitfallharry219

    By his logic, David Flair should be a HOFer.

  • Joe Sweat

    Doesn’t matter whose kid you are if you’re not a draw. He had his chance. Heck, they even gave him a chance in NXT that went nowhere. I believe future endeavors should be on his mind right now.