Damien Demento vs. Shelly Martinez, Today’s Birthdays, Talent Evaluation

– Bret Hart, Terry Funk, Ricky Steamboat, Naomichi Marufuji and Atsushi Aoki will be Eldon, Missouri this week to evaluate talent or coach at Harley Race’s Pro Wrestling NOAH tryout camp.



– In today’s birthdays, former WWE Women’s Champion Candice Michelle turns 31 whereas former TNA World Tag Team Champion Adam “Pacman” Jones turns 26.

– Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Shelly Martinez said in a recent interview that marijuana saved her life after she became addicted to pain pills — during her time in World Wrestling Entertainment. Well, former WWE wrestler Damien Demento learned of the wrestling starlet’s remarks and posted a video on YouTube mocking her, basically saying he’ll do pot too so everyone can think “he’s cool.” Likewise, Martinez posted a video in response to Demento’s remarks. She basically said she promotes responsible use of cannabis and uses it for the right reasons, rather than “to be cool.” In response to her response, Demento attempts to “scare her straight” by showing a picture of certain woman in wrestling, Missy Hyatt, saying she’ll look like her in a few years if she continues using pot. Demento then asks Martinez, “Have you no shame? Huh woman?! Have you no shame?!” He also notes being embarrassed for Martinez.

On another note, at the conclusion of the second video, Demento teases attending WWE’s upcoming tryout camp at Florida Championship Wrestling headquarters.

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