Dana White Bold Offer To Logan Paul Leaks

While Logan Paul’s brother Jake Paul has been in quite the rivalry with UFC executive Dana White, the same clearly cannot be said for Logan himself. During a recent edition of the ever-popular Impaulsive podcast, Logan Paul discussed an out of the blue call that he got from White, where he unexpectedly upgraded the seats of the YouTube star turned boxer. Wrestling-Edge transcribed the following remarks. Logan Paul ‘went after a fan’ at a bar in this recent video.



Logan: This sentiment from me rings true. Guess who cold called me on the day of the UFC fight? Dana White. The name pops up on my phone and showing Jake [Paul] I go: “What the f***, this is weird. Why do I even have his contact?”

Co-Host: Wait he was in your phone, like Dana White is calling?

Logan: Yes!

Co-Host: How did you get his number?

Logan: We were in a group chat with a bunch of people because we were betting on the Kentucky Derby. He was in that. So, I put him in my contact and he called me. I answered and I’m not sure what to expect because Jake’s pissed him off and they have a ongoing feud. However, I’ve come out publicly and said that I love Dana White. I always have and I always will. He’s a ruthless businessman and the head honcho but I’m not sure how he feels about me because by default, my relationship with my brother will always come first – but if I can be cool with someone, I will.

Logan Paul also recently leaked a bad Randy Orton text message.  Logan continued: He calls me and goes: “Hey man, is this Logan?” I went: “Yeah, what’s up Dana?” “The seats that you got, you got two tickets right?” I went: “Yeah” and Dana said: “I got better seats for you in what’s called ‘Billionaire’s Row’ and you’ll have a much better experience. I’m flabbergasted. Dana White is accommodating me? That’s fantastic.

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