Dana White Caught Lying About Jon Jones Cheating?

Dana White, the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has been vocal about his frustrations with Jon Jones’ disqualification loss against Matt Hamill at The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale in 2009. Despite his undefeated record in his first nine Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fights, Jones was disqualified after landing an illegal 12-6 elbow strike in the first round of the fight. This unfortunate incident is the only loss on Jones’ almost-perfect record, which has led to White’s eagerness to overturn the decision.



While White has often spoken about trying to get the Nevada State Athletic Commission to reverse the decision, recent reports suggest that neither he nor the UFC have reached out to the commission. The situation remains unchanged, and despite calls for the disqualification to be overturned, no progress has been made in this regard.

Many fans and experts believe that the disqualification was unjust and that Jones should have won the fight. However, the rules are clear, and the 12-6 elbow strike is illegal in MMA, leading to the disqualification. It is unclear whether White will continue to push for the decision to be overturned, or if he has given up on the matter. Regardless, the incident remains a sore spot in Jon Jones’ career, and fans will always wonder what could have been if the decision had gone the other way.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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