Dana White Fires Five UFC Fighters

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Dana White and the UFC have announced a new wave of releases as MMAFighting is reporting that the latest names to given their pink slip include Emil Meek, Lara Procopio, Roque Martinez, Alexander Yakovlev, and Joe Ellenberger. Is Dana White bringing back this fired UFC star at UFC 264?



Meek is the most prominent name on the list as he is known for his bout against current UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman. However, his UFC record at the time of his release stood at 1-3, with the name in question not having a single UFC fight since February of last year.

Procopio suffered a third round knockout loss to Casey O’Neill last year with her record standing at 1-2, Martinez went 0-3, Yakovlev went 3-6 and Ellenbergrer went 1-1 – however doctors urged him to quit fighting after detaching a retina in his UFC debut.
In other news regarding Dana White, the top UFC executive has been under fire for allegedly underpaying his fighters recently. However, one UFC veteran who has come to the defense of White is Chanel Sonnen who stated that White has been a champion of high pay for fighters and discussed his own experience on the matter. Credit to BloodyElbow for the below.

Dana White recently exposed this ‘shocking’ UFC top star lie. The person who believes fighters were exploited and fighters weren’t paid enough is Dana. And they’re now trying to use the same argument that he brought forward and act as though he is doing something wrong. Continuing Sonnen stated: “When I first fought in the UFC, the year was 2005. I was paid $2,000 to show and $2,000 to win. I could not believe how much money I had in my pocket when I got that check. $2,000 in 2005.”