Dana White Fires UFC Fighter After Cheating

Your parents may have taught you when you were a kid, or perhaps your wife or husband are telling you today – betting is never a good thing. As we know, gambling is a sin, and just ask Justin Bieber, the Miley Cyrus lookalike what happens when you place bets. Well, betting is now upsetting the world of MMA. More specifically, James Krause.

According to MMA Fighting, The UFC released a statement regarding an ongoing gambling investigation, and one that effects not only James Krause and Darrick Minner, but any MMA fighter who chooses to train with Krause or at his gym. Cancel culture overload is in full effect here!

Following the statement’s release, MMA Fighting’s Mike Heck and Alexander K. Lee give their immediate reaction to the news, along with the reveal of Krause’s suspension in Nevada, and the release of Minner from the promotion following his Nov. 5 loss to Shayilan Nuerdanbieke at UFC Vegas 64.

Additionally, they respond to the UFC stating that ANY fighters choosing to be coached by Krause will no longer be permitted to participate in UFC events. Don’t mess with the bull you’ll get the horns. Jimmy boy is in some serious trouble.



Watch the reaction to the news in the video above. An audio-only version of the show can be streamed below and on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your pods.

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