Dana White Fires UFC Star After Winning Streak?

UFC President Dana White seems to have let go a couple of fighters-Don Madge and Mirsad Bektic as they were removed from the UFC rankings pool. So it is likely that he have been released from the promotion.



Dana White apparently released them

Madge had previously explained that he was not able to secure a visa appointment due to travel restrictions the United States placed on South Africa. Khabib Asking Surprising Name For UFC Return?

Madge has a current record of 2-0 in the UFC. But he has not been able to compete in the octagon since he defeated Fares Ziam at UFC 242 in September 2019.

He was set to fight Guram Kutateladze on July 17th at UFC Fight Night.

Meanwhile, Bektic was last seen inside the cage against Damon Jackson when he lost the bout via submission at UFC Fight Night back in September last year.

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