Dana White Gets In Fight Over Joe Rogan

The former MMA star Brendan Schaub recently dropped some hints that there might be some more reasons which are yet to unfold about Joe Rogan’s absence from UFC 271. Rogan was replaced by former middleweight champion by the UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping on the desk due to a ‘scheduling conflict’. Recently, Jake Paul spoke about UFC removing Joe Rogan. However, fans at the stadium chanted “Free Joe Rogan” as UFC 271 progressed.



Joe Rogan was absent due to other reasons?

Schaub, who is close with Rogan, recently indicated that the popular podcaster hasn’t told the entire story of the situation. During an episode of The Schaub Show, the retired heavyweight fighter said:

“Do I know exactly what happened? Sure do. Is it my story to tell? Nope. But when it comes out, you’re gonna love Joe Rogan even more from missing that one, I’ll say that… But you’ll also love Dana White even more. I will never ever talk sh*t to Dana White ever again. After hearing him going to bat for his guys, he’s just a real one. He’s a real one. He might not like me, but I like him. That’s how it goes.”

Brendan Schaub further admitted he has a newfound respect for UFC president Dana White. Schaub and White previously had a heated exchange of words on social media after the UFC boss called the former UFC fighter “a tool” for his analysis.

Rogan has been recently involved in a controversy with Spotify. He was being accused of spreading misinformation about the virus on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, on Spotify. The company refused to remove all of Joe Rogan’s content though a recent appeal from some musicians and podcasters was stated. However, Spotify tried to find common ground and began removing several JRE episodes. It has been noted that the total number of deleted episodes of the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ has reportedly reached 113. Another alarming issue followed suit over the weekend when a video compilation of him saying the “N-word” on his podcast went viral.

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