Dana White Got WWE Star Fired For Drugs

Dana White is the President of the UFC and is certainly a controversial figure in the world of MMA. Dana White was also previously accused of an ‘illegal crime’ in Las Vegas. 


Prior to his WWE and pro wrestling debut in general, Matt Riddle was a huge star in the UFC. He had amassed an impressive record, but after testing positive twice for marijuana, the former fighter was released from the UFC.
After UFC 149 in 2012, it was announced that Riddle’s win over Chris Clements had been overturned and declared a no-contest after Riddle failed his postfight drug test. This wasn’t the only time he received a Wellness Policy violation.

Riddle’s win Che Mills in February 2013 was also overturned and declared a no-contest for the same reason. Dana White was asked about the situation at a pre-fight press conference for UFC , where he admonished Riddle.
“Everybody’s going to have an excuse of why they were cut. Matt Riddle did an interview before that fight where he said ‘I smoke weed so that I don’t beat my children’ then he tests positive for it. He’s a f—king moron… That’s why he’s not here. He’s cut because he’s a moron,
Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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