Dana White Humiliates Fired WWE Champion

UFC president Dana White managed to transform the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) into the huge company that it is today. However, that wouldn’t have been possible if he was banned from the world of sports entertainment. UFC President recently outlined how the news media and sports entertainment differed from the present times. He also discussed Brock Lesnar and CM Punk, as transcribed by Wrestling-Edge.



“I brought Brock in, but Brock won the UFC Heavyweight Championship. I brought CM Punk in…that one didn’t work out as well as Brock.”

Dana White reveals he almost got banned

He recalled the time his use of the word ‘a**’ almost got him banned from one of the market leaders in sports news, ESPN. While in conversation with Logan Paul on the IMPAULSIVE podcast, the top UFC name recalled the incident that almost got him banned. He admitted that it was a different era and that people were much more sensitive to profanity at the time.

White said:

“I remember one of the first times I was ever on ESPN, I said something like, I said ‘a**’ like I said, ‘He’s gonna kick his a**.’ And everybody lost their f***ing minds, man. It’s like they were never gonna have me on ESPN again. They weren’t gonna have me back and so it was a completely different world. So yeah, I was one of those guys out there early on that was doing s**t that you weren’t supposed to do.”

Dana White could sign Logan Paul

While it is no secret that YouTube sensations Logan Paul and Jake Paul have taken shots at UFC on multiple occasions regarding the fighter’s payscale, White is open to signing Logan Paul. During the same podcast, White was asked about the possibility of Logan Paul potentially competing in the UFC. After inquiring about Paul’s wrestling and jiu-jitsu prowess, White admitted that he would not rule out possibly signing him:

“I’m not saying no.”

Logan was most recently featured in an exhibition boxing bout against Floyd Mayweather. The fight took place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, on June 6, 2021.

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