Dana White Reveals Dustin Poirier Wife DM

With so much back and forth between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier, we could only expect for Dana White to take a stand in the middle. Of course, Dana White will always be partial to his boy, Conor through thick and thin, but some fans are screaming that something must be done to McGregor as not only did he disrespect Dustin Poirier, but also his wife both before and after UFC 264. Dustin Poirier Wife Shows Off Abs In Photo.



Just a few weeks ago before UFC 264 took place, Conor McGregor was playing the mind games that he has been known for all throughout his UFC career. The young, yet now injured star took to Twitter to show that Dustin’s wife was in his DMs. McGregor had never accepted her invite to chat and we have no idea what it was about.

After the fight that showed Dustin getting the win due to McGregor snapping his ankle, Conor was heard calling Poirier’s wife by names such as “baby,” and “h*e”. This hasn’t sat well with many onlookers of UFC.

Enter Dana White who has now come out to try to clear the air between all parties. Via Sportskeeda’s transcription, Dana stated the following about the elusive DM: ““So, there was a – I haven’t heard, but what I would assume it was is there was a huge beef between both camps over the donation to Poirier’s charity. And I’m sure the wife was reaching out about the donation for the charity. I assure you that’s what she (Jolie Poirier) was reaching out to.”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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