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During a recent press conference, Dana White defended his Power Slap League and spoke about the success it has had since its debut on television. Despite criticism from some fight fans, White cited the league’s strong viewership numbers as evidence that it has been unfairly maligned. He also mentioned an event hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Logan Paul, which involved live slap-fighting and was unregulated, yet received no criticism.



White believes that his league has been the victim of selective outrage and pointed to comedian Chris Rock’s recent comments about Will Smith’s controversial Oscar moment as an example. Despite the criticism, White stated that the Power Slap League has invested millions of dollars to ensure safety and that the numbers speak for themselves. The league has over a billion views on social media and has garnered millions of views on various platforms.

“The media has been incredible through this [Power Slap League] thing. If any of you saw the Chris Rock [comedy] special that is out…. Selective outrage, that’s what happened here with Power Slap. Slapping [slap-fighting] has been around for 10 years.”

White then added that the slap event organized by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Logan Paul was unregulated but was not criticized, unlike his slap-fighting event:

“Logan Paul and Arnold Schwarzenegger had a slap event, unregulated, no medicals, no nothing right…. Nobody said boo. There wasn’t one story written. We do the right things, we go for approval, we test, we invest millions of dollars in it. We make it safe and everybody is outraged.”

I’ll tell you what, the numbers don’t lie. We have over a billion views on social media. Just on TikTok alone, we are at almost a billion. Instagram is doing 38.5 million views a week. Rumble had the right to this internationally and just the international show is at around 15 million views.”