Dana White Melts Down With Pat McAfee In Video

Dana White, the promoter of Power Slap, appeared on The Pat McAfee Show and compared his experience with promoting the slap fighting league to his early days in mixed martial arts. He criticized the media as “scumbags” who would try to get the show canceled, and declared that he would only share information with them on a “need-to-know basis.” However, despite White’s claims of social media success, the ratings for Power Slap’s first season on TBS have been poor, with the show drawing only 220,000 viewers for its final episode. The league ranked as the 106th most viewed cable broadcast on Wednesday, behind even shows like Texas Metals Loud Lifted. White did not disclose details of the league’s plans for next season, claiming that the media would only try to undermine his efforts.



“I didn’t really tell the media too much because they’re a bunch of scumbags. And basically what would happen is every time I would announce something these pieces of shit would literally reach out and try to get this shit canceled. So I got to a point where it’s like you know what? I’m not telling these f****8 pieces of shit anything. They’re on a need-to-know basis. When we need them to know, that’s when they’ll f***** know. It’s the same thing with Slap. If you look at what all these fucking scumbags have been writing and doing for the last eight weeks. They have helped me build this thing into a fucking machine.” The “f*****machine” that White is talking, with all the social media impressions, has not translated to television. The first season on TBS on Wednesday nights just finished with it’s worst ratings yet according to Bloody Elbow. The eighth episode drew 220,000 viewers, about a quarter of the people who watched it’s lead-in, AEW.

“I didn’t name one state because every f***** scumbag in the media would have been on the phone trying to call these states going ‘what are you doing this is horrible this is disgusting.’ And what I’m going. to continue to build this thing and grow it and shove it right up their f***** asses.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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