Dana White Reveals Rigged UFC Vegas Fight

Dana White, CEO of Power Slap, spoke to reporters after UFC Vegas 68 and discussed the majority draw between Choi Doo-ho and Kyle Nelson. The fight was exciting with both fighters landing hard blows, and it seemed that Choi, known for his toughness, was able to withstand the damage and retaliate with more force. However, in the third round, Choi was penalized for an illegal headbutt on Nelson, which resulted in a one-point deduction by referee Chris Tognoni and a video replay official. This cost Choi a unanimous decision win. White expressed his surprise at the deduction, calling it a “robbery.”



I thought it was insane and it cost him the fight,” White said (ht MMA Fighting). “I paid him his win money. He won that fight, so I paid him.”

“It was a tough fight, but in my opinion, Choi won the fight, and sometimes the refereeing or judging isn’t perfect,” White carried on. “So sometimes I do what I can do, take it into my own hands. I felt like that kid got robbed on that ridiculous call.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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