Dana White Stunned By Sad Mike Tyson Paycheck

UFC President Dana White recently shared his take on boxing legend Mike Tyson’s bold claims. ‘Iron Mike’ had claimed that he was not fully paid by Triller for his fight against Roy Jones Jr. Dana White was previously stunned by ‘disgusting’ Joe Rogan accusation.



Dana White shares his thoughts

White has often commented on boxing promotions like Triller and Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions. He has attacked Triller in the past for signing fighters past their prime. The UFC president hasn’t responded kindly after being accused of not paying his fighters enough by other boxing promotions.

White has claimed that UFC stars make more money than boxers and told fans not to listen to any bul****. This time around, after Mike Tyson addressed the financial situation and labeled it as “tricky”, the UFC boss, on the Full Send Podcastsaid:

“Yeah, that’s what they should call it. ‘Tricky’ instead of Triller… You never hear that coming out of the [UFC]. [With me], You don’t hear guys saying, ‘they didn’t pay me yet, ever! Here’s the problem. When you do these fights that are exhibition, the commission isn’t overseeing it… That was the big problem in the past, these boxing promoters would come in and they wouldn’t make as much money as they thought they were going to make and so they would stiff the fighters and not pay the guys.”

You can check out the comments of Dana White on the Full Send Podcast below. Mike Tyson and Dana White have are without a doubt, no strangers to one another. During an edition of Tyson’s acclaimed ‘Hotboxin’ podcast, White recalled the months leading up Tyson’s infamous bout against Roy Jones Jr and how White felt about it.

“Somebody asked me, I told them I didn’t like it,” White said. “And then somebody asked me publicly about it at a press conference and I said, ‘Yeah, I don’t like it. Mike Tyson is super famous, there are lots of other ways for him to make money, I don’t want to see him get punched in the head anymore, man.’”

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