Dana White Talks About NSAC Recently Approved Five Round Non-Title Fights

– Dana White recently spoke on non-title fights getting five rounds, which has been approved by the NSAC, here is what he had to say…



His Thoughts Before The Fight: “I was saying [last week] I wish this was a five-round fight, Nogueira and Couture, and there’s been other fights, too, that I’ve wished were five rounds,” White said prior to UFC 102. “But I’m a purist, man. Title fights are five rounds. When you fight for the title, it’s five rounds.”

His Thoughts After The Fight : “You know how many times I’ve been ringside and said, ‘God, I wish this was a five-round fight,'” White said after UFC 102. “I did it [on Sunday]. (UFC heavyweight champion) Brock (Lesnar) and I were watching the fight together, and we both said we wish that fight with Nogueira and Couture was five rounds. But, I think that’s what’s so special about fighting for the title. You fight for the title, and it’s a five-round fight; you don’t, it’s a three-round fight. So if everything could be five rounds, what’s the point in having title fights at five rounds? Should we do title fights as seven rounds and regular fights (at) five rounds? It just doesn’t make sense to me, even though as a fan myself I’d like to see some fights go five rounds that aren’t.”

Keith Kizer Of The NSAC stated the following: “The UFC has specifically told us they’re not interested, so I doubt you’ll see that from them”.

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