Daniel Bryan ‘Contacted’ By Top AEW Name?

Many fans have speculated that WWE veteran star Daniel Bryan is AEW bound. There has been numerous reports and rumors regarding the former WWE Champion’s contract status with the company. Edge WWE Contract Payments Leak.



It was earlier reported that WWE is doing their best to keep the top-tier star with them. It is understood that his contract has expired and the company is preparing to offer a huge deal to keep him from departing the company. Further, it is being done to keep him away from dubbed rivals, AEW.

Tony Khan in talks with Daniel Bryan?

AEW President and CEO Tony Khan has made some great deals with several top WWE Alumni stars who are doing great in the promotion. A deal out of Bryan would be a huge one for Khan if he is able to land it.

Dave Meltzer cryptically posted on F4Wonline.com’s forums, “55%” which led to fans thinking Bryan is leaning towards one company.

He added:

“Don’t jump to any conclusions or think anything is for sure.”

He also said AEW have ‘known for months’ about Bryan’s contract status. Thereby, it could be possible that Khan might have made contact with Bryan.

We have to wait and see where Bryan eventually choose to be his destination.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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