Daniel Bryan on What to Expect In 2015, First WWE DVD, Possibly Facing Brock Lesnar, More

– Daniel Bryan recently spoke with CraveOnline.com promote WWE SmackDown. Below are some highlights:



CraveOnline: NXT has garnered a lot of praise lately with a lot of independent stars landing in WWE. Do the indie guys look at you as a trailblazer who made it possible for them to succeed in WWE after great indie careers? Do they come to you for advice?

Daniel Bryan: They don’t necessarily come to me for advice. A lot of them are my friends. I’m friends with Sammy Zayn, friends with Finn Balor, I’m friends with Hideo Itami. It’s hard for me to remember. It’s weird when you meet people and they’re one name and then you go to WWE and they’re a different name. My friends were confused on what to call me when I came to WWE and I was no longer Bryan Danielson and now I’m Daniel Bryan. Like Hideo Itami, I wrestled him in Japan as Kenta and they don’t necessarily come to me for advice but we just talk. We just talk about “Hey, what do I need to do from where I’m at now to get to where I’ve been and back up to the main roster” and the steps for that sort of thing. It’s interesting because I can give people what I think but I can’t give people a road map. I don’t know how I got here myself. A lot of it is just luck [laughs]. For some reason, the fans got behind me and I don’t know exactly why that is. I wasn’t supposed to main event WrestleMania XXX but the fans were so vocal about it that the fans had no choice but to put me in the match. I’ve had a lot of lucky breaks.

There are so many good guys who I have wrestled on the independents who are down there and are now up on WWE TV. You have Seth Rollins, you have Dean Ambrose, you have Cesaro all those guys I wrestled on the independents and down in NXT, you got the Finn Balors, the Sammy Zayns, Kevin Owens, and the Hideo Itamis. You can see that these guys are different and that these guys are awesome and would make great additions to the WWE roster.

CraveOnline: You declared your intentions of winning the Royal Rumble, who would you like to face for the championship at WrestleMania?

Daniel Bryan: I want Brock Lesnar. It’s funny. Ever since I got my surgery and even before that, if somebody said “Hey, who would you want to wrestle if you were to main event at WrestleMania 31?” I’ve always said “I want to wrestle Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.” That is my dream match for WrestleMania 31 and it’s because Brock is the ultimate monster. He’s legitimately a beast and I’m the ultimate underdog. I think it would be a great story but I also, think it would probably be the most physical match you’ve seen in WWE history. We could do something special and something great. That’s the match I want and I think it’s the match the fans want to.

CraveOnline: You’ve had an epic career so far. Are there any plans for a Daniel Bryan DVD that you can speak of?

Daniel Bryan: You know what, I think there actually is. I’m actually supposed to be doing..I don’t even know if I can say this. They tell me things but they don’t tell me what I can tell you guys but what I can’t tell you guys. [Confirmed later there will be a Daniel Bryan DVD]

CraveOnline: What can the WWE Universe expect from Daniel Bryan in 2015?

Daniel Bryan: I think they can expect the best Daniel Bryan they have ever seen. I think some people may be thinking that I’ll come back and my style is going to be different because I had a neck injury and that sort of thing. My style will be different but it won’t be because of the neck injury. I think I’m going to come back better than ever and more excited than ever and I have some fun things in store for the WWE Universe so its going to be a great 2015.

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