Daniel Bryan on following Chris Jericho’s footsteps

Daniel Bryan has been subject to many rumors lately and even with SummerSlam being only a few days away, there is no confirmation on his contractual status with WWE.



With Chris Jericho going out and working in the independent circuit while maintaining the image of a WWE guy, a lot of people wonder if Daniel could follow his footsteps.

During a recent interview with TonyPizzaGuy, Daniel was asked about working in indie circuit while remaining in WWE and he said that the wrestling world is not open enough for this:

“Yeah, I would like to see the wrestling world be a little bit more open and I think Chris Jericho has kind of done that in a sense. He is still in good terms with WWE but he wants to go do these things that are creatively fulfilling to him because he loves wrestling. But the way wrestling world is right now you can’t do that and luckily I have a ton of dream matches I wanna do in WWE.”

Daniel Bryan is currently scheduled to face the Miz at the upcoming SummerSlam PPV this Sunday. You can check out his full interview in the video below:

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