Daniel Bryan has a backstage role to play in WWE

Daniel Bryan, the WWE star was recently squashed by Jey Uso as he turned heel and joined forces with WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns on the last edition of Friday Night Smackdown.



His promo on that episode indicates that he has a specific backstage role which he is using to put over the younger talents.

Daniel Bryan has become a part of WWE’s writing team

As mentioned above, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion, Bryan is trying to help the young stars to rise up through the ranks instead of using his position at the creative team to his advantage.

A member of Wrestling Observer Newsletter mentioned how Bryan is working differently in the backstage role from the other people of past generations.

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He stated:

“One person noted to us that Bryan as part of creative is like others of his generation and the opposite of the prior generation in that they don’t want to take advantage of their position and feel it’s their role to get over as many people as they can.”

Daniel Bryan became a top babyface in WWE and has achieved a lot during his career at the company. Now he is attempting to put over as many talents as he can with his power is hand as a part of the creative team.

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Bishal Roy
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