Daniel Bryan ‘Heel Turn’ On Smackdown Leaks

WWE star Daniel Bryan is one of the most loved stars in WWE and during a recent interview with BT Sport he spoke about the live crowd reactions during WrestleMania 37, and how it made him turn heel during the Smackdown title match, at least for the duration of the show.



Daniel Bryan opens up on crowd reactions

WWE fans returned to the attendance for the first time in over a year at WrestleMania 37 and it was quite unpredictable how they would react to the stars as a lot has changed over a year or so.

WWE Universal Champion has been working as a top heel since his return at SummerSlam and Bryan admitted that he thought Reigns would be cheered at the event but instead he catered to the boos. Bryan found Reigns’ character to be cool but the WWE Universe had other opinions.

Edge, who was also part of the event was portraying a heel-like gimmick but received the biggest cheer on the night. Daniel Bryan got a mixed reaction. Roman Reigns Draws ‘Huge Money’ At WrestleMania

Bryan said:

“I thought for sure, Roman was going to get massive cheers because he’s been the coolest TV character we’ve had in a long time. When he came out and got boo’d, I was like, ‘oh, that’s a bit of a surprise.’ I found [the crowd booing me] interesting. When I’m in there, I try to be in the moment and in the moment, I was trying to cater to the boos. Being ‘Yes’ Daniel Bryan and getting cheered, that’s fine, but there’s just something about being a bad guy, but everyone likes to be the bad guy because it’s the most fun.”

The triple threat match between Roman Reigns,Edge and Daniel Bryan for the WWE Universal Championship ended with The Tribal Chief standing tall over the two stars, holding the Championship gold high.

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