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“I am working on it” says Daniel Bryan on his in ring return

Daniel Bryan

Before returning to SmackDown Live yesterday night and making the announcement for a huge ladder match next week, the SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan had an interview with Sports Illustrated. Below are some of the highlights from his interview:

When asked when he last talked to the former WWE Champion CM Punk, Bryan said that he talked to him on the day Punk announcement that he’ll be joining UFC:

“I haven’t talked to Punk since I texted him when he came on the UFC show in a suit and said he was going to fight in the UFC. I just texted him and said, ‘Hey man, I just saw that and think it’s awesome. I hope you do great.’ Punk texted back, ‘Thanks.’ That’s the last I’ve heard from him.”

When asked about an in-ring return, Bryan who announced his retirement from wrestling back in February 2016 said that he is ‘working on it’:

“I’m working on it. Wrestling is more of a creative outlet, and especially for somebody like me, I view it as my creative outlet. Not all WWE superstars and not all wrestlers view it that way, but that’s how I view it and that’s one of the ways my mind works creatively.”

It’s disappointing for fans that Daniel Bryan did not open up much about his in ring return and left the fans wondering what he couldĀ mean when he said ‘I Am Working on it’.

Though for now, all we can do is wait and watch if the former World Champion gives any further update on his situation in near future or if it turns out to be another interview which does not lead to anything significant.

  • D2K

    He’s already been given 100% clearance by multiple doctors. WWE doctors are not going to clear him. Not because he isn’t fit, but because they don’t want the responsibility of anything happening to him on their watch. Especially now with the on-going concussion lawsuit against them. Some happening to him would give those lawyers all the ammo they need.

    Bryan would literally have to sign his life away to compete in a WWE ring. He’s not about to do that.

  • CC

    I don’t think he is not opening up or leaving fans wondering. For him to wrestle again he needs to make 100% sure he can do it as he has a wife and kid now. The only way WWE is going to let him back in the ring is if he is given 100% clearance. And the only way he will be able to “work on it”, is through exercises and/or surgical procedures. They reason he does not expand on it more is because it’s obviously a long shot.

    His only other option is to go wrestle on the indy scene again, but once again, he would have to be convinced in his own mind that it is safe for him to do so, so once again, he cannot expand any more on that either,

  • D2K

    He must be “working” on getting out of his WWE contract because there is no way they are letting him in the ring with his concussion history unless they are brick-stupid.