Daniel Bryan ‘Lying’ About Quitting WWE?

Rumor was originally that Daniel Bryan would be having his final match at WrestleMania and the night would end with Bryan thanking everyone while he left in tears. This didn’t happen. Rumors then spun the presses that Bryan would be possibly heading to AEW as he posted on Twitter that he was in Jacksonville, FL. That didn’t happen (yet). What is exactly going on? Paul Heyman ‘Ended Career’ Of Fired WWE Star.



On the latest episode of the very famed ‘The Nitty Gritty Dirt Sheet’ show which features the former writer for WWE, Vince Russo, and our favorite reporter of all crazy things within the ever changing world of professional wrestling, Billi Bhatti, we had a feast of new knowledge.

During this part of the episode, Vince Russo and Billi Bhatti are speaking about Daniel Bryan and what’s next for him in his career as the rumors just don’t seem to stop.

Bhatti: “My understanding is that he’s not gonna walk away from (Total Bellas) or WWE. He’s happy in a creative position. His wife is coming back within the next year. There’s no reason for him to go. It’s the marks who imagine a Bryan and Omega match. They’re making up stories. He’s not free to go anywhere. Personally, I don’t even think the contract is up.”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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