Daniel Bryan misses wrestling in the indies

Daniel Bryan has had a very successful career in WWE, winning multiple championships and being part of memorable storylines. However, he misses his time in the independent circuit.



Bryan was going to wrestle regardless of whether he would be working in WWE or somewhere else, so WWE made him sign a three-year contract.

Bryan spoke to Super Luchas, where he was asked if he missed being a wrestler in the indies. The current independent scene is very interesting, with the rise in popularity of AEW. Here is what Bryan said:

Yes … I really miss all that. And one of the things I miss is fighting with different people. Being independent you can fight with people you’ve never faced before, and that’s something I like. For example, on SmackDown I struggled with Buddy Murphy , and I was very excited, because I had never fought him.

As an independent fighter, my mind was always working.
‘I don’t know who this boy is, I don’t know what he does, I’ve never been in this arena.’ I like those experiences.

And it is also interesting because in spite of how great it is to fight at WrestleMania or fight tonight in Bogotá before ten thousand excited fans, I miss the feeling in independent events, even if there were only a few thousand or a few hundred. It is simply a different sensation.

Danial Bryan still misses the fact that he no longer is able to wrestle a wide variety of opponents, which was one of the best things about the indies for him.

Perhaps he might join the independent scene once his WWE contract is over.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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