Daniel Bryan New Look For AEW Revealed

Daniel Bryan is pretty much a done deal as it pertains to AEW and joining the ranks on their roster as being one of the biggest stars that they’ll have on-board. Bryan is sporting a new look which has some people taking a second look at the star as he does look a bit different since having a busy schedule as a dad and taking time away from the action in the ring…Roman Reigns Real Name Exposed On Smackdown.



Brie Bella took to Instagram to post up some photos of her and her family. In the first photo that was posted by Brie, we see Daniel Bryan smiling very widely as everyone in the photo look to be having a great time. Daniel Bryan is sporting shaggy hair (but a bit shorter than his long hair he once had) and a mid-trimmed beard. In the photo, Bryan does look to be going through a bulking cycle as his arms do look a bit bigger than we are used to seeing from him.

Daniel Bryan is also looking a bit wider than usually from a muscular stand-point. What Bryan may be doing is bulking up and then he will most likely lean down in order to show off the muscle that was built during the bulking process via a cutting cycle.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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