Daniel Bryan & Nikki Bella Bombshell Leaks

Why would someone like Daniel Bryan ruin anything for anyone let alone something for Nikki Bella? Well, it’s not all what it seems to be as Nikki Bella had high hopes for Daniel Bryan to stay with the WWE, but as all of us know by now, that’s just not the way that things panned out. We may even be seeing Daniel Bryan at All Out if everything goes as planned on that end. Daniel Bryan has revealed to AEW fans why he really quit WWE.



Billi Bhatti recently reported on ‘The Nitty Gritty Dirt Show’ on RussosBrand.com that Nikki Bella was actually hoping to return to WWE as part of the creative team with Daniel Bryan in WWE. The issue is that Daniel Bryan didn’t want to do this. As everything seems to be point to as of now, Daniel Bryan is almost for sure heading to AEW. At minimum, Daniel Bryan is in no way interested in heading back to WWE with Nikki Bella.

The signs pointing towards Daniel joining AEW became even more apparent as CM Punk spoke to Renee Paquette stating that a dream match of his in AEW includes Daniel Bryan. Punk stated: “But yeah I want to wrestle Jon, I’ve never wrestled Jon Moxley. I want to wrestle the Young Bucks, but I’ve got to find the right tag partner for that. I mean if we’re fantasy booking, when does this come out? Saturday? Okay. I don’t think it’s necessarily giving away spoilers. It’s just me putting my booker hat on. Of all the possibilities, I’d do CM Punk and the American Dragon vs. The Young Bucks. It’s so obvious, that’s what you do.”

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