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Daniel Bryan on WWE’s focus on Becky Lynch’s tweets and more

WWE released a new installment of The Day Of, which followed WWE Champion Daniel Bryan as he was preparing to defend his title at WWE TLC against AJ Styles.

Bryan minced no words when talking about Becky Lynch and her rapid rise in popularity due to her social media. He interrupted an episode of  WWE Now Live! and blew up on WWE’s Mike Rome and Cathy Kelly. Bryan criticized WWE for focusing on the ”trap” of social media, instead of two men who have dedicated their entire lives to professional wrestling.

“You guys come out here and you talk about the best tweet that a woman who calls herself ‘The Man’ put out this week. Don’t you guys know that social media is a trap? We have two guys who have done a ton of deep thinking about professional wrestling. Not on social media, not talking about Tweets or Instagrams or Facebooks or anything else.

You’ve got two guys who have spent their whole lives getting in the ring and fighting other men and you guys want to talk about tweets?! You guys want to come in here and sell your Christmas t-shirts?! It’s garbage! What you guys do is garbage!”

Bryan first wrestled AJ Styles in 2002 in the indies. They have faced off in WWE a few times as well, with their latest match being at WWE TLC. Bryan praised AJ Styles for his wrestling ability and the unpredictability in his matches.

“One of the things that I love about being able to wrestle AJ Styles tonight is this – we are both very good at winning in different ways. He has the Styles Clash, I have the Heel Hook, he has the Calve Crusher, I have what used to be called the ‘Yes Lock’, going back to it’s original name, ‘The Labelle Lock’, he has The Phenomenal Forearm and I have the flying knee.

He’s beaten people with superplexes, I’ve beaten people with small packages and roll-ups, and I think that’s the intriguing part to me mentally, because part of the thing about wrestling AJ Styles that’s so fun to me is that it keeps me on my toes. You wrestle a lot of other guys, they don’t keep you on your toes like AJ Styles does because he’s so good.”

Despite respecting AJ Styles as a wrestler, Bryan has no respect for AJ as a person and the lifestyle he represents.

“I respect AJ Styles a lot for what he does in the ring but there’s a lot of attitudes he has outside the ring that I don’t respect. When I kicked him in the groin several weeks ago and won the title, that disrespect for some of his attitudes, his beliefs, and his lifestyle came out in full force.”

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.

  • The Random Reader

    For once Daniel is right, despite that i never like Daniel, but he is right about it

  • what?

    I think it’s great

  • CC

    Oh great, another storyline interview. What great “news” this is.