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Daniel Bryan praises wrestler, JBL clotheslines rugby player, William Regal dances at NXT live event

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan praises Zack Sabre Jr. 

Wrestling News World tweeted at Daniel Bryan that Zack Sabre Jr. may have passed him as the greatest submission based wrestler of this generation. SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan agreed and stated that he probably passed him a long time ago.

JBL Clotheslines rugby player off a plank

JBL posted a video on Twitter this morning. In the video, JBL delivers a Clothesline from Hell on professional rugby player Alex Goode. JBL wrote that he has still got it in the caption.

William Regal dances at NXT Live Event

NXT General Manager William Regal had some fun last night at an NXT Live Event. No Way Jose came down to the ring and started dancing. Regal then joined in and the referee and ring announcer eventually joined in as well.

  • jgdjgdklj

    Zack Sabre Jr is so overrated.