Daniel Bryan responds to CM Punk chants during WWE Live Event (Video)

While it’s been years since CM Punk left WWE and wrestling altogether, his impact on the business still shows and through events every now and then, fans show that they have not forgotten the former World Champion.



One such incident took place on a recent WWE Live Event from Lima, Peru during a match between the WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan.

During the match, Bryan asked the crowd ‘who’s the best’ which resulted in the break out of a ‘CM Punk’ chant and the two stars responded to this chant in their own unique style.

Bryan hit Punk’s finisher GTS on Kingston a couple of times and tried to cover the WWE Champion but Kingston kicked out at one both the times.

The crowd then asked for a third GTS which the former NXT Star attempted but The New Day member countered and hit a GTS of his own before winning the match. You can check out videos of the incident below:



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