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Daniel Bryan returns at TLC with a brand new look

As seen on the TLC pay-per-view, The Miz faced Bray Wyatt in a singles match. Since his return, Wyatt has only wrestled as the Fiend so far and this was his first match in his normal persona.

The feud between the two Superstars was very personal as Wyatt dragged the Miz’s family into the whole ordeal. After a back and forth of offense, Wyatt came out of the match as the victor.

After the match was over, the Fiend appeared on the Titantron and watched silently as Wyatt brought out a huge mallet from under the ring. The host of the Firefly Funhouse looked to attack the Miz with it but suddenly some of the lights started going out like they do when the Fiend’s around.

Wyatt kept shouting “He’s here”, implying that the Fiend was here but to his surprise, it was someone else. Daniel Bryan stood at the opposite end of the ring sporting a red hoodie and soon ran right into Wyatt with a running knee.

Bryan then revealed his face to the audience, one without his iconic beard and long hair, one from his early days in the company. After launching a series of attacks on the Universal Champion, the former American Dragon picked up the mallet and looked to attack Wyatt with it but the lights went out again and Wyatt disappeared from the ring.



  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Think he looked better before the cut & shave, he actually looked like someone from Aberdeen, WA. LOL

  • CC

    Brand new look? You mean the look he used for years in RoH and the same look he had when he debuted in WWE. Yeah, sure is brand new.

  • Sparti Love

    New look? He got a haircut lol

    I’m happy he finally cut and shaved. I recently watched the Team Hell No doc on the Network and I like Dbry so much better with short hair

  • Broken_MattHardy

    Do the people who run this site even speak English? This look isn’t brand new. It’s the look Daniel Bryan debuted with.

  • Luke

    Lol yeah because long hair and a beard isn’t a generic look

  • rob

    now he has the generic indy wrestler look, fits right in the current wwe roster

  • Dirt McGirt

    He looks like a child. He needs to grow that hair and beard back out.