Daniel Bryan reveals whose idea it was to cut his hair for feud with Fiend

One of the most interesting things about the Fiend gimmick of Bray Wyatt is the fact that the Universal Champion has ‘changed’ every opponent he has faced so far.



Though probably the biggest change we have seen in any of his rivals is in Daniel Bryan who not only turned face but also changed his look and cut down his famous long hair.

During a recent interview with MySanAntonio.com, the former World Champion talked about the angle and revealed that it was his own idea to do away with the hair for this feud:

“Actually, it was my idea. And my idea was not the hair, it was just the beard. I had kind of pitched this to them as this idea of, ‘OK, how do we extend this story with Bray Wyatt,’ which is what they wanted to do, because he’s already defeated me cleanly, right? How do we do that? One of the things to me was that he’s changed people’s character so much when he’s faced them. And by him ripping out or cutting my beard, it would be this idea that he’s stripping me of part of my identity. That was my kind of pitch to them. What actually happened? They said, ‘Well, yeah, then he can cut your hair, too!’ And I was like, ‘No, I don’t really want that. I don’t want my hair to be cut.’ I kind of wanted my hair to be longer. Just wrestling wise.”

Apart from this, Daniel Bryan also talked about his experience of facing the Fiend under his signature red lighting and he admitted that it makes it hard for the fans to follow the action.

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