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Daniel Bryan reveals WWE creatives ignore his suggestions

Daniel Bryan

While it’s not uncommon for WWE creatives to not listen to middle or lower card wrestlers, it appears that even the top stars of the company suffer from the same fate.

During a recent interview with the Gorilla Position podcast, Daniel Bryan talked about how when he doesn’t like something in the show, he goes to creative and gives his suggestion to make things better.

However, according to the former World Champion, his suggestions are ignored most of the times but he doesn’t fight because he is happy being back:

95% of the time, nothing changes, but I’m not like, ‘you need to do this’ or ‘you need to do that’ or whatever it is. It’s like, ‘hey, this is my opinion from my experience within this business and this is how I think it would work better both for me and who I’m working with.’ But I don’t fight for it because I’m happy to be back.

Continuing on the topic, Daniel also recalled a time where Shawn Michaels pulled him on the side and showed John Cena who was arguing with creatives, telling how even the top stars have to fight for this and how it’s a gift to be able to fight.

  • Soulshroude

    Problem with this article, it repeats itself from the title and in the article, but without giving it’s audience actual information. What is this article trying to tell us?

  • Rinn13

    This is what happens when you hire Hollywood TV writers to write an “entertainment” show, instead of just having people who actually understand the wrestling business, book wrestling. Bookers, smart ones anyway, usually listen to talent and let them do their thing. If that hadn’t happened, “Stone Cold” never would have existed, or got over.