Daniel Bryan Reveals WWE Star Quitting For AEW?

In a recent interview with The New York Post, Bryan Danielson was asked about the possibility of Edge potentially joining AEW, considering that Edge’s WWE contract had reportedly expired in September, making him a free agent. Bryan teased Edge being a good fit for AEW.



Danielson, who will be part of AEW Wrestle Dream, expressed his admiration for Edge’s wrestling acumen and passion. He highlighted Edge’s potential to contribute significantly to the younger generation of wrestlers and emphasized the desire of wrestlers from Edge’s generation and younger to give back to the industry.

Danielson also noted that having individuals like Edge, Christian, and himself in the AEW locker room who are committed to giving back to the wrestling business would be beneficial for the entire company.

This statement from Danielson suggests that he sees Edge as a valuable addition to AEW, not only for his in-ring abilities but also for his potential mentorship and contributions to the wrestling community. However, it’s important to remember that wrestler contracts and potential signings can be subject to change, so any future developments regarding Edge’s wrestling career will be of interest to fans and the wrestling world.

“He has a great mind for wrestling. He has a great passion for wrestling and he has a lot to teach a lot of the younger generation. One of the things that I think about his generation and younger is they have a real desire to give back. I have a real desire to give back. He has a real desire to give back. Christian has a real desire to give back. Having people like that in your locker only benefits the entire company

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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