Daniel Bryan Speaks on HBK’s Retirement and More

– WWE NXT rookie Daniel Bryan has updated his WWE Universe blog with his thoughts on Shawn Michaels’ retirement, as well as people backstage in WWE who do not think he’s got what it takes to be a star.



Bryan, who was trained by Shawn Michaels’ Texas Wrestling Academy school a decade ago, says he spoke with his former teacher following WrestleMania. “I was able to speak with him briefly Sunday night, and he told me that it was my time now and if I ever needed anything to just let him know. Words cannot express my gratitude for the great training he gave me, and for his support. I’m sure he will miss wrestling, but wrestling will miss him even more.”

Bryan, who broke into wrestling through Shawn Michaels’s TWA training school ten years ago, also talked about not being liked by “some backstage” and continued to play up the TV storyline where his perceived lack of charisma and size is an issue.

“I know I’m not what WWE usually looks for in a Superstar. It’s quite obvious by Michael Cole’s commentary that he doesn’t think I have what it takes and I know there are even more people in the back who think the same thing. They doubt my mic skills and they doubt whether the WWE Universe can get behind someone who looks as plain as I do…but none of them doubt my in ring ability,” Bryan said.

“I may not be what the WWE looks for when they’re recruiting, but most of the people they recruit don’t have the passion for this business that people like Shawn Michaels have. I do, and I’ve proven it over the last ten years. I will outwork, outsmart and outclass 99.9% of the muscleheads and pretty boys that they think have the right ‘look.'”

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