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Daniel Bryan still hasn’t re-signed, WWE planning around his absence?

With a little less than two months left on Daniel Bryan’s contract, the WWE is preparing for the worst, it seems.

According to, the WWE is planning around the idea of Daniel Bryan leaving when his contract expires on September 1st. The Wrestling Standard claims that the WWE is booking DB’s storylines in fast forward, quickly moving to the Hell No reunion along with the Miz-DB showdown, which will more than likely take place at Summerslam.

Apparently, the current plan is for the Miz to interfere in the Smackdown Tag Team Championship match at Extreme Rules, which will lead to their final showdown at Summerslam.

Bryan has reportedly hired the same agency that John Cena used for his contract negotiations, so it’s possible Bryan is just waiting it out for a bit more money.

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  • Golden

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  • CC

    I think it is pretty obvious that he is waiting it out for a better deal. Not necessarily money, but certainly something that gives him the schedule he wants, the money he wants and maybe even certain guarantees like title runs etc.

    Now he is cleared, and the way WWE has handled his return to the ring etc, he knows they want him big style, so he can afford to play hardball. He also knows that should things fall through, he can still carve out a great living outside WWE.

    The cards are really in his favour in this, and WWE certainly does not have the upper hand for once.