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Daniel Bryan to go into self-quarantine after WWE events

Daniel Bryan is currently on road to shoot WWE events and the former World Champion is taking the risk of infection to entertain the fans.

Though he will be returning home soon and while appearing on the latest episode of The Bump, the former NXT star revealed that he will be going into self-quarantine.

The former Champion first revealed that all the WWE talents are fine health-wise but then mentioned how his wife Brie Bella is pregnant and as a result, she is more susceptible to the coronavirus:

“Everything is going well with all of us health-wise. The hard part is that because Brie’s pregnant and she’s more susceptible to all of this and I’ve been around other people and flying and all that kind of stuff, when I get home, which is not yet, I don’t get to go directly to Brie.”

Continuing on the topic, the former Nexus Member revealed that he will be going into self-quarantine for a week upon reaching home to make sure he is ok:

“I go into self-quarantine for a week just to make sure I’m okay, but those are the necessary steps we have to take right now just to keep this from spreading more,”