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Daniel Bryan wants hair vs mask match with certain superstar

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan loves Latin American wrestling and follows many promotions. He especially loves a mask vs hair match and said that even before he made his WWE return, he started growing his hair out so that he could be in an Arena Mexico Luchas de apuestas (gambling fight) match.

Bryan was recently interviewed by Yahoo Sports, and revealed he wants to have a hair vs mask match against a certain WWE superstar, as his heel turn allows him to face new opponents.

“It’s not this selfless thing, it’s actually a selfish thing. I want to wrestle the best guys on the planet. Some of those best guys are on ‘205 Live.’ We have Gran Metalik here and he’s one of the best luchadors in the world and he’s on that show. Man, would I love to wrestle that guy in a mask vs. hair match. That’s sometimes where my passion gets ahead of me.”

Since anything possible in the WWE, we might get to see Daniel Bryan face Gran Metalik in a hair vs mask match in the future, especially since Bryan himself wants it.

  • Soulshroude

    Make it happen, BUT… the hair means, the stupid *ss beard, as well!!! Get rid of the beard you retarded, HIPSTER DOUCHE. The fad is DEAD!

  • Sparti Love

    That’s great and all but the majority of his career he had short hair.. it’s not like when Angle or Big Show lost their hair

    Regardless I hate long hair Bryan so go for it. I miss the No chats and his old heel character

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    Vince would just talk him into doing it with Mysterio instead.

  • CC

    Would be a great match for certain, but it would obviously end with Brian having his hair cut as he has always gone back and forwards on hair length, and I could not see Metalik losing his mask.