Daniel Cormier Dating A-List Actress Leaks

UFC star Daniel Cormier seemingly tried to convince that he dated Ashanti back in the day. He responded to a Tweet about it as he urged to “Stop hating”.



Daniel Cormier compares Conor McGregor’s gimmick to the stars in WWE

‘The Notorious One’ recently made an appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards as he made headlines because of an incident that went down on the red carpet. After seemingly asking for a picture with Megan Fox, McGregor got into a physical altercation with Fox’s boyfriend, rapper Machine Gun Kelly. The situation escalated and resulted in ‘Notorious’ tossing his drink at the celebs and needing to be held back. Dana White Drops Tom Cruise Bombshell

During his show on ESPN, Cormier, who has had some words with McGregor already this year, gave his take on what happened:

“The crazy thing about McGregor is when I say the gimmick, I mean the billionaire with the strut and the fancy cars and the money, because the reality is it’s the WWE. You get a character, your character can be The Billionaire, your character can be Vince MacMahon. Vince MacMahon is the evil boss but Vince MacMahon, when he hits that curtain in the back he becomes Vince MacMahon the CEO and Chairman of the WWE. It’s the same with Ric Flair. When Ric Flair was Ric Flair, styling and profiling, kiss the girls and make them cry, woo!, all that stuff. But when Ric Flair hit the curtain in the back, he never stopped. He continued to live as Ric Flair and ultimately that was his undoing. That’s why at 60 you saw him still wrestling, because he had spent so much money, he had lived such a reckless life, it wasn’t sustainable.

Conor McGregor is the fighter but Conor McGregor also lives this big life and that’s where I ask, ‘Has this gimmick overtaken who Conor McGregor is as a person?’”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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