Darby Allin on facing NXT Superstars: “I couldn’t give a sh-t”

Darby Allin has quickly become one of the top faces of AEW and rightfully so. The former EVOLVE Superstar has come a long way in his career in a matter of months and there’s no looking back for him at this point.



Allin recently appeared on Talk is Jericho podcast and there he talked about a number of things including having to face NXT Superstars back in his EVOLVE days.

Allin said that back in his EVOLVE days, people assumed that he’d be a “fanboy” when he’d get to face WWE/NXT guys since both the companies often trade Superstars for special appearances. However, Allin said that he didn’t care about who he was facing when he’d have all the hospital bills to deal with on top of having to live in a car.

I used to work in a company called EVOLVE, which is like a sister company to WWE at the time. I had wrestled their guys, but it was always kind of like, it kind of felt like it was handed to me, like, “Oh”, like, I guess they assumed everyone was like a super fanboy.

Like, “Oh, you’re going to wrestle this guy, so this will make you happy.” But, like, I’m not here; I’m not a fanboy. Like, I’m not here to wrestle people and brag online, “Oh, I got to wrestle this NXT Superstar! This is so cool!” I couldn’t give a sh*t.

It’s not cool when you have all these hospital bills and you’re living in your car and stuff like that.



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