Darren Young reveals advice he got from Vince McMahon during promo class

While Darren Young is no longer a part of the WWE roster, his 12 years long run in the company got him a lot of recognition and he is remembered by WWE fans for being part of teams such as Nexus and Prime Time Players.



The former WWE star recently had an interview with WrestlingInc where he talked about a number of things and opened up about his early years in the company.

During the interview, the former WWE star also revealed the advice he got from the boss Vince McMahon and Darren Young revealed what Mr McMahon told him during the promo class:

“Well, one thing I learned from Vince McMahon when he would do promo class years ago, and it’s still in my head, is a few things. One, keep your hands up, that’s one rule from Vince McMahon. Second rule is never be afraid to make a fool yourself. He would always say that in promo class. So years ago, I would do wrestling interviews like this and try to deepen my voice and all that stuff to sound more masculine.”

Continuing on the topic, the former Nexus member also named Randy Orton as an inspiration for him. You can check out his full interview at this link.

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