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Dave Meltzer on when the next WWE draft could take place

It was revealed a few weeks ago, through the Bar, no less, that there would be another Superstar Shakeup or WWE Draft soon. While it’s probably obvious that this would take place after WrestleMania, Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer stated on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that it would probably be a week or two after WrestleMania. RingSideNews revealed Meltzer’s statement today, saying:

I don’t know but I was under the impression it was coming in April. Like a week or two after Mania. Wasn’t that the case last year? They had the Monday and Tuesday, after WrestleMania and wasn’t it the very next week? I’ve been hearing people talk about the draft, so I figured in the next month.

Again, it won’t exactly be shocking if the WWE’s next Draft or Superstar Shakeup were to take place after WrestleMania, but a name like Meltzer adding his thoughts to it definitely gives the idea a bit more weight, even if he didn’t specify anything.

  • Keith Learmonth

    So, Meltzer’s “source” this time is “Well… it’s what they did last year, so they’ll probably do it again”?

  • CC

    And were we not also told there would be a second draft last year as well?
    When one happens, it will happen. Hardly news though as even the most casual fan could tell you the odds of a shake up after WM is high seeing as that is also the time of year when WWE usually starts letting talent go as well.