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Dawn Marie Responds To Kamala’s Fraud Claims, Says He Declined Donation

Wrestler’s Rescue, a charitable organization founded by former WWE and ECW star Dawn Marie Psaltis Damatta in 2008 to raise money to support the health care needs of retired professional wrestlers, has once come triggered allegations of fraud and embezzlement.

Former WWE Superstar “The Ugandan Giant” Kamala, whose real name is James Harris, released a video message Tuesday condemning Damatta as well as Dan Mirade of Boston-based independent wrestling promotion Millenium Wrestling Federation for raising money on his medical behalf that he has yet to receive. Damatta and her agent responded to his allegations Thursday via Twitter, where both claim Harris received a check in the amount of $500.00 but opted not to accept it.

Michele Mupo, Damatta’s agent, wrote on Twitter, “Kamala returned check issued by Wrestlers Rescue Certified because it wasn’t sent fast enough. Dawn Marie did what she said she would. Check for $500 was sent July 20,2012. Kamala refused it sent it back certified mail. HE LIED to get $$$$ never judge unless U have proof. Kamala returned check issued by Wrestlers Rescue Certified because it wasn’t sent fast enough. Dawn Marie did what she said she would.”

Mupo then tweeted a photo of a copy of the check purportedly sent to Harris on July 20, 2012, and noted, “Kamala is a liar!”

Mupo then tweeted a photo of a certified letter Damatta purportedly received Thursday, noting, “DAWN GOT THIS TODAY KAMALA REFUSED A $500 CHECK. FACT DAWN SENT THE CHECK. FACT KAMALA RECEIVED THE CHECK.”

Damatta added on Twitter, “Received my check from Kamala today certified mail. That means he did receive money from me but opted not to accept it. More news to come.”

Mupo also offered proof that Damatta submitted a Stop Payment request with her bank Thursday for the payment.

Brian Heffron, who worked alongside Damatta in ECW as Blue Meanie, questioned her proof; he stated the day before on Twitter that two years ago, she launched a similar campaign fund purported to assist fellow alumnus Jerry Lynn with back surgery bills but Lynn never received any money.

Heffron wrote in a series of tweets, “To ME the handwriting on Kamala’s check looks like his “handwriting” on the “return envelope”. If he sent it back while put a stop payment on it? Rip it up! Stop payment’s on checks cost at least $35. Why spend $35 that to stop a check in that’s in your hand?

“My friend and tag partner Nova, who RUNS a bank just told me this: “As someone who RUNS BANKS I can say I’ve never seen a voided check like that after a stop is issued, the check is dead and can’t be reversed. None of this makes sense. The guy with no legs turns away money because IT DIDNT GET THERE QUICK ENOUGH? I have an easier time believing that me and meanie are gonna get our ECW PPV checks soon!”

  • CC

    Actually, its my mistake, that was the other charity that was raising money.

  • CC

    Didnt the other guy representing this charity say a cheque of $450 was sent? Now its $500.
    Wouldnt you check your facts before commenting on something like this, as they two different figures make it look even more like they are lying.

  • Hitch

    that is absurd. why would kamala not accept the money (even if it is ”late”) and then complain that he didn’t get any help?

    dawn is guilty.

  • The Return of me

    some how i still think dawn marie is full of crap how many wrestlers has she actually taken up donations for and how many of those actually recieved there money. How many people really believe Kamala would send the money back. Anyone can go into the post office and say i want this returned certified mail. My kids mom did that to her husbands ex wife with child support checks trying to say that they were paying but the kids mother wouldnt except and eventually the truth was found out and they both just got out of jail a few months ago people are scum when money is involved

  • Bawb

    This is strange. I hope the feds look into this.