DDP Reveals WWE Star Rape Accusation

DDP is never one to pull punches. Many have said a lot of different things about the Enzo Amore incident, but DDP wants to take his time to set the record straight.



On the latest DDP Snake Pit podcast, Diamond Dallas Page and Conrad Thomspon discussed some of the creative changes in WWE. DDP also covered some other topics, including what led to Enzo Amore’s WWE release.

DDP stated in the story of, that he knew of the incident where Enzo was accused of rape in 2018:

“I know the story. The woman who said he, she didn’t use the word rape. I don’t know what she said or what exactly the words were on Twitter. Enzo was let go, suspended at that point, and then let go for an allegation. Did you know the cops not only never arrested him, he never even got a call from the cops. There was a guy that came out, and the girl was a hooker, but there was a guy that came out that knew her and she said a bunch of stuff in texts about Enzo, that basically, I don’t remember the exact content, but he put it all out there and Enzo was completely off the hook because he didn’t do anything.”

While DDP didn’t state exactly how he felt about the incident, he did ensure to state that he did know of the incident and everything that was involved with it. Obviously, to protect himself, DDP didn’t want to go much further into the issue that was at hand, but we feel that he gave a pretty good answer considering the weight of the situation and how it could be taken from either side.

You can check out more on the episode below where there are tons more stories to go through.

Dustin Schumacher
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